Entry #4

Getting better, thanks to... Mass Effect?

2012-03-09 15:29:12 by Narunen

My last entry I told how my things have been going down after my friend pasted away about a month ago. But somehow I managed to go on, like people always do. I realize my life must keep going without her even if it's painful. She will always live in my memories and one day I will meet her again.

But anyway, my drawing skills are coming back and so did my inspiration to do new things. And that new thing is, tatatattaa! Mass Effect!
I know some people think that gaming isn't for girls, but I really don't care what other think about it. I just love some good old school fighting games like Tekken-series and fantasy or scifi games like Skyrim and Half Life 1 & 2 (Final Fantasy-games are big exception. I hate them, ugh.). I've even played Amnesia: The Dark Decent through a couple of times just for fun. But last week was my first time I ever played Mass Effects. Of course I have heared them before but never really tried one. And I LOVE it! A game system is good, story interesting and character desing amazing (especially with aliens). Okey, game itself is a bit old and graphics not best ones around but it won't ruin the game for me. To me it's the best scifi game I have played in long time.
I got so deep in to that game I kinda forgot that I was sad and I even get some inspiration to do some fanart of the game. So little by little I started to feel better and now I kicking quite well. Even my friends said I look much happier now. Ou, I can't even wait to get play ME 2 & 3. Wanna some more Garrus and Liara conversation.
And they said that gaming is bad for kids, hah!


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